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Όχι, ο Τσίπρας δεν είναι προδότης. Τη δουλειά του κάνει. Το πρόβλημα είναι δικό μας. Αυτός είδε και υποτάχθηκε. Τόχε πει. Η θέση της χώρας, στην ευρωζώνη, είναι δεδομένη. Εμείς δεν το ακούγαμε. Πολύ απλά γιατί μοιραζόμασταν μαζί του το μύθο της υποχώρησης των δανειστών μπροστά στη σθεναρή πολιτική στάση της

An alarming 22 percent of U.S. children live in poverty, which can have long-lasting negative consequences on brain development, emotional health and academic achievement. A new study, published July 20 in JAMA Pediatrics, provides even more compelling evidence that growing up in poverty has detrimental effects on the brain.

Yves here. This post makes some important observations about how the elite levels of Greece engage in rent-seeking, aka corruption, and can continue those strategies even in the face of economic collapse, to the detriment to the rest of Greek society. It’s an important counter-frame because many accounts of what has

Picture this: President Obama gets up to a podium for a live broadcast addressing the nation: «Certain facts have come to my attention and to which I wish to make public my decision on the matter. The state of Vermont is populated by cheats, liars, crooks, corruption and lazy people. I hereby decree that steps should be taken to hold Vermont accountable for its plight (since all of the governors of Vermont where in