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'When compulsory hijab affects all women, then all women should raise their voice,' the campaign's leader said

As more and more Western tourists visit Iran, foreign women are being urged to break the country’s strict Islamic dress code to “make a stand” about the restrictive laws.

If you’re reading this on your phone, rushing to the subway while hunting for your headphones, then you need to stop. At least, that’s what Søren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher who lived at the beginning of the 19th century, would advise. Last week, brainpickings pointed out just how

Έκθετος πλέον κάθε λεπτό που περνά χωρίς να παίρνει θέση, ο νέος πρόεδρος της ΝΔ Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης, καθώς οι δικαστικές Αρχές στις Παρθένες Νήσους, απάντησαν στο αίτημα των αντίστοιχων ελληνικών. Σύμφωνα με τα στοιχεία δικαστικής συνδρομής που απέστειλαν, ο πρώην συνεργάτης του Αντ Σαμαρά ,  Σταύρος

Unprecedented attack by serving US President claims UK was 'distracted'

Barack Obama has sharply criticised David Cameron for the UK’s role in allowing Libya to become a “shit show” after the fall of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, in an unprecedented attack on a British leader by a serving US President.