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Limited time Neighborhood Special Package Ad campaign

Special limited time offer €80 An ad package meant for business visonaries and leaders.
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Sales price: 80,00 €
Plus 3- Επιλέξτε συνδυασμός- choose combination Read all details available in this package-


 The smartest and most inexpensive PR and advertising package offered on the internet ever. This is the best combination of social entrepreneurship and business common sense.  An ad package meant for business visionaries and leaders.


The Gift Plus Option is an all-inclusive Ad and Public Relations campaign.                               

5 Neighborhood Sponser's Packages with Product Catalogue listing three of your products and your logo as sponsor on gift reciever's Business Directory page.  Show them you appreciate their business by promoting their business and . Give these gift offers to your customers.

  • Localized Advertising
  • Neighborhood loyal customers
  • Added Value Proposition PR:Local social impact and social value creator.  Smart and thoughful business partner and socially engaged- show them you are in touch with what is going on in their neighborhood. With Gift Plus you are promoting your services and products by first promoting your customers and then in turn a each neighborhood cause.

 Whether it is your social network manager or you yourself, we advise that it is in your interest to to announce the "winners' names" of your gift offer by  opening  a profile account in Geitonia Mas and using Geitonia Mas Shout Box to your Facebook account, then share.  Be aware that Facebook profile pages' outreach is down to 7%.  Kindly note that "Geitonia Mas" profile pages don't have such an issue. In other social networks, use the link of the announcement page that we will provide for your use.


For a very limited time only the All- Inculsive Package is offered at a special introductory price-€80. 

  • Coupons, vouchers and deals would have cost you 300 at the least on some other sites. 
  • This Gift Plus alone is valued to more than €120.
  • Banner from 50- €400  a day, a week or month

Ask us for an offer if you need more than five Gift Plus Options.

Should you however, have something else in mind to be customised other than the Gift Plus Offer, please contact us.  We are open to all offers and suggestions.


All-inclusive Advertisment Package

Only €80/year(limited offer)

  • Business Directory plus 3 Plus 3- Basic: info with e-mail and link to site link, area of operations posted in both English/Greek,logo or your photo choice, company's description and/or message, google map a Product Catagory which holds 3 products you wish to display. The product catagory in the business directory serves  as either a mini-site and as a teaser to either check out your own site or the coupons, vouchers or deals.
  • Coupons, Deals and Vouchers Plus 3-any combination that suits your advertising needs. Some combination examples: 2 Coupons and 1 Voucher or one of each or  3 Deals. These are to be issued within the one year period at any dates you wish. Please note that either your social network manager/marketer or you: a) must send an e-mail with details and specifications of your ad along with the images two weeks prior to ad’s publication, b) you may at any time change plus 3 combination, for example: if you signed up for three coupons, have used up two of the plus 3 package and you may switch your last choice to a voucher or a deal, c) The Plus 3 offer is valid for one-year and any unused coupons, vouchers and deals will not be transferred to a re-subscription.
  • Banner: Your Neighborhoods's Front page Banner can be exchanged for Coupons, Deals and Vouchers for a limited time inserted in article or other spot of your choice.
  • Business Gift Plus5: 5 Neighborhood Sponsers'Ad Packages to give to your customers. This will include Product Catalogue of three of your products and your logo on his business directory listing. Announcement of "winners" page to be provided for use as a link to share in other social media networks.
  • Added Value Proposition -"benefacting public relations participation tool" :Local social impact and social value creator. Smart and thoughful business partner- show them you are in touch with what is going on in their neighborhood from the start. With Gift Plus you are promoting your services and products by first promoting your customers and then each neighborhood cause. As in all cases, we ask you or a representative of yours to attend the winning idea award ceremony.


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