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All-Site Sponsor Package

The Best of the Friends Package Plus more-only €300/year
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Sales price: 300,00 €
Plus 6- Επιλέξτε συνδυασμός -choose combination



The Best of the Friends Package Plus more.



  1. Business Directory Plus with 6 products in the Product Catagory
  2. Coupons, Deals and Voucher Plus 6
  3. Banner
  4. Added Value Proposition



      • Business Directory  Basic: company description info with address, e-mail, telephone and site link, area of operations, your logo or your photo choice, Google map, social share buttons , comment box, ratings,  AND
      • Product Category Plus 6: Product Category page with 6 product icon links to be posted in your Business Directory. Product icons link to full product description page, which includes photo, product description, social share buttons, comments and links to your site or to coupons, vouchers or deals.The Product Category in the business directory serves as either a mini-site and as a teaser to either check out your own site or the coupons, vouchers or deals. (see demo).
      • Coupons, Deals and Vouchers Plus 6  Available to all site. You may choose any combination that suits your advertising needs. Some combination examples: 2 Coupons and 4 Vouchers or two of each or  6 Deals. These are to be issued within the one year period at any dates you wish. Please note that either your social network manager/marketer or you: a)must send an e-mail with details and specifications of your ad along with the images two weeks prior to ad’s publication, b) you may at any time change plus 6 combination, for example: if you signed up for six coupons, have used up five of the plus 6 package and you may switch your last choice to a voucher or a deal.
      • Banner: This package provides a banner which will be posted in main Front Page and all neighborhood's front pages. Depending on the advertising demand and volume, your banner will be posted for at least 6 months to one year. Banners can be exchanged for Coupons, Deals and Vouchers for a limited time in Front pages or in a spot of your choice.
      • Business Gift Plus 5 or other Options
      • Added value proposition:

        We provide you with social media network tools and public relations tools and opportunities that help you get more exposure for your product and/or service to help you send your social message across. Included:

      • Medal posted in your Business Directory listing,
      • A Profile page in the Geitonia Mas Profiles of your company with medal and 100 Kenos that will be allocated at end of the "economic cycle" to your profile page.
      • We ask you or a representative of yours to attend the winning idea award ceremony, and also, encourage to tell us about any other initiatives or suggestions that you may think of.  (refer to About Us and Marketing Department for more details- buttons below).

Last, as an extra incentive, you will be eligible for 5-10% discounts in upgraded package next year or "changed my mind" midyear.



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