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Geitonia Mas‘s facebook comment to Paul Krugman’s New York Times Article “Ending Greece’s Bleeding” on July 6th

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Geitonia Mas‘s facebook comment to Paul Krugman’s New York Times Article “Ending Greece’s Bleeding” on July 6th
08 July
Published in: Views and Opinions

Picture this: President Obama gets up to a podium for a live broadcast addressing the nation: «Certain facts have come to my attention and to which I wish to make public my decision on the matter. The state of Vermont is populated by cheats, liars, crooks, corruption and lazy people. I hereby decree that steps should be taken to hold Vermont accountable for its plight (since all of the governors of Vermont where in

everybody’s pocket including the pockets of our own Federal Bank-every time they signed for a predatory loan) and thus, should take measures to secede from our beloved, flawless, organized, nation. We Americans are noted as super beings and should not accept this kind of conduct in our Union. We face grave consequence of losing face to the markets and everything will be bad. So, says I, the President of the United States.....I take this measure with full advice from Chancellor Merkel who has much experience in these matters with Greece and has instructed me to cut out the gangrene named Vermont(a very green state) as soon as possible. Of course, we super beings do provide Vermont two options: either take reforms and wither away within the Union or better yet for the Union and for our consciousness (we won't be obligated in media exposure for their plight and cover our asses) they should secede - they could even print their own money- and wither away and die....and we will all sleep better tomorrow..."  

Yes there are stark differences between the European Union and the United States-For one thing, the Americans can't understand that even (yeah there is internet and mobile), but this is still the Old Continent- the Old World. Take the family name for Junker and look it in widipedia junker.

Look at it this way-Britain, Holland, Denmark, Spain for example are monarchies...and they call themselves a democracy, ,surreal ..right?

Salvador Dali had it right in his art creations which poked fun at the European elites -somehow, whatever they say it is, it is turned upside down till you are dried out of arguments and they leave you with them having the upper hand , they feeling privileged-like lying sociopaths. Poneration all over Europe.

Thousands in Ireland protested in favor of the Greeks to vote NO in the referendum, for they too have their issues there. EE wants them to pass a water tax...yes , this is the Holy Inquisition and the Irish are also sub human cheats and liars that need reform.. so the right antidote for the Irish is that they pay huge amounts of money for water with a water tax and it rains day and night there...surreal (the Irish are still trying to find the idiot who towed their island from the Mediterranean and dumped it next to rainy Britain).

Yes..Yes.. the EE knows well, let’s throw the most wackiest measures we know at them and sadistically sit back and see how they react or how much could these guinea pigs can take. Make a lot of money off the markets betting for or against them.. They are sub human who cares..

Does the EE call for proper legal ratifications? Why of course not.. and loose the profit from the bets, not to mention an entourage of Golden Boys in the banking system and their bonuses- and of course the tips to the political bunch(did you know the Germans are in favors of people not possessing their own homes- new humanity ..sort of thing.. pay rent everyone -and that is coming from the right side, not the leftist. Surreal. They don't like the independence of the homeowner’s thing--just a continuation of feudalism ...).

Back to the issue of proper legal ratifications. Example:

When Greece entered the Union, still written on the legal books was a law or an institution that was abolished 200 years ago in the West and included as an act against humanity in the UN charter of 1945- debtor's prison(see wikepedia)- which is no man shall be jailed for lack of funds to the state and banks.. In other words, you can't jail a homeless as tax evader for a lack of money- that would be slavery. When this law was abolished in Europe, the law was adopted by the Greek monarch (yes.. he was shipped to Greece from Germany-all Greek monarchs that ruled Greece were of German decent--hmm ..).So you ask the Greek lawyers (left and right) why was this law on the books till January, 2008- mark the timing and what was happening in USA. "ohh we never applied the law.. Just an oversight"  Ha.. do you know how much extortion the Greek IRS made to businesses so they could avoid debtor's prison-even if they were not cheats (yet companies like Siemens got away with millions in taxes..yes Siemens or how about the German company that owns the Athens International Airport- the Samara government excepted them from tax evasion or the Greek oligarchs- most of them the outcome of wealth produced in the Nazi years- the Greek genocide no one talks about here in Greece – 1/4th of the population due to these people controlling the supply and demand in the food chain- they tyrannized society by financing Greece no infrastructure- it was the same people who ate up the Marshall plan for their own self-interests- the left over nazi scums – ).. But of course, this is Europe. And EE claims that Greece should not have been accepted in the Union cause Greece cooked up it’s accounts.. right.. They did not care if Greek legal infrastructure was worthy to be called a democracy-- numbers, business and let us feed the people a Santa Claus story of peace, prosperity, solidarity and EE. Now the Germans are into their Faustian narrative-- you signed a pack with the devil --bad. bad people..

My personal advice to all Americans:

a) value your system of democracy and constitutional checks and balances for whatever they are worth right now .. (yes, everything sometime has to be updated and readjusted. Citizens have to learn to invest the time in real issues of the system and how the system should function- a new civility which has nothing to do with left or right)–but it is a stark contrast to the oldworld-continents tyranny- For as the ancient Greeks once said – you either have tyranny or democracy. Which will it be, cause under tyranny you end up as a tax payer paying taxes to financing the corrupt and not the good of society- and this has nothing to do with left or right or rich or poor..

B) A good measure for all the American Universities that offer European Studies would be to revamp their courses and start from a fresh perspective. (Greece never had a Holy Inquisition and the 100 year war that the Germans suffered- a historical experience that the Greeks went through 15hundred years in the Peloponnesian War without their armies turning into the missionaries like the German fractions.   They are still fighting that out here in Europe. Americans should get the story straight prior to any European entanglements. What is it that the USA is supporting: the junkers/carpetbaggers of Europe-look at Ukraine issue—Be the good life coaches to a friend sorta thing)..

C) Pass a constitutional amendment that would forbid any family members of past presidents to run for president- Bush and Clinton. This is insane- surreal- in USA- feudalism, monarchies and nepotism. With a population of 300 million.. There are plenty of gifted alternatives.

Enough--new amendment (Greek American-born in US-Lives in Athens- and I really don't give two hoots about the left or the right- a bunch of nonsense all of it and with no time to focus on real issues of civility)

Here is a link from a questionable site and their motives, however, in general the approach and historical accounts are pretty good and are the unsaid here in Greece and in Europe -          

At least the tourists are having a great time....

This is Athens Calling: Hail Humanity- Hail Democracy- All People have the right to QUESTION.

New York Times Opinion

 Anastasia Christakos Gritzalis

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